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A gate is the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor area, and a bespoke one truly makes your living space unique. Whether you are looking to install durable wooden driveway gates to maintain your privacy, or you are looking for some dainty wooden side gates to improve the look of your garden, Delta Joinery can meet your needs. We have a number of garden gates for sale that you can choose from, or you may prefer to create your own, something that is perfect for the style of your home.

Wood Gate Repairs

If you have a gate in need of some repairs, we are well equipped for the job. We will work to replace any broken parts of the gate, and match the type of timber as closely as possible. If there is any ornate detailing and carving in your gate, we work with you to recreate this as closely as possible. Our focus is to make sure that the finished product is something that you are happy with, and will stand the test of time. When we are doing any repair work that involves replacing old and damaged wood, we recycle the old wood responsibly. We are aware of the need to be an environmentally-conscious company, and we strive to do as much as possible to reduce our negative impact. We understand that sometimes, gates are not just used for aesthetics, they serve a practical purpose, such as keeping pets and small children from reaching the road. We, therefore, strive to repair any damaged gates as soon as possible, to reduce the risk of any unsafe incidents happening in your family, and for your peace of mind.

Wood Gate Installations

We are also more than happy to install brand new wooden garden gates in your home. We have a range of wooden gates for sale, which you may like to browse through, to find one that suits your home. We have an online portfolio for you to have a look through, to see if there are any styles that you like. Alternatively, you may wish to design your own unique gate, one that really matches the style of your home. We have a great team of professionals who will work closely with you to bring your design to life, and install it at your house. We always make sure that we use sturdy timber fence panels, so that no matter how delicate the fence looks, they will always be durable. All of our timber gates are made from high-quality materials, that will stand the test of time, and the harsh weather conditions in Dublin. We paint them with high-quality paint that should not bubble, chip, or flake, allowing your wooden gates to look their best for longer. Should you choose not to paint your gate, we also have an extensive range of varnishes that you may choose from, to finish off the look of your outdoor space. Both the varnish and the paint help to seal the wood, preventing it from warping and becoming damaged due to rain or sunlight. Both finishes are equally great options, and our staff can help you to decide what looks best for your property if you are unsure.

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We are dedicated to bringing our customers some of the lowest prices for garden gates Dublin, without compromising on quality. If you are interested in our services, feel free to reach out for a free, non-obligatory quote. Simply fill in your details on our online form, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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